Sunday, August 17, 2014

Don't Give Up!

Greetings Everyone:

While Jesus was traveling from town to village, teaching and preaching the Gospel, He was accompanied by His 12 disciples, too (Luke 8:1). Christ meet a man named Jairus (leader of the synagogue) who desperately pleaded with Jesus to come to his home; because his 12 year old daughter was dying (Luke 8:41-42).

 Jairus, a father in pain could have lost control or even given up; but instead he begged the son of God to come to the aid of his daughter.

Sometimes, if a person isn't careful the enemy can discourage them into believing that all is lost. Nonetheless, you must keep in mind that the hope of a righteous person brings joy and the wick only end up perishing (Proverbs 10:28). On that note, whatever your going through, don't give up, because you serve a God that if you wait on Him, your strengthen will be renewed (Isaiah 40:31) ...

Have an awesome Sunday, in Jesus name ... #Amen,
Blessings from Breakfast with Jesus,