Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"It Depends Upon You"

~Good Evening ALL:

We've noticed that some of society's residents have the tendency of seeking momentary pressure because their attempting to fill a particular void in their life's. Now, we're not playing judge, jury and executioner, on the contrary; because then we'll also receive the same in return (Matthew 7:1). Furthermore, if the men, women and youths would take a few minutes to slowly and carefully ponder the following bible verse (John 6:35), then their life's would receive a serious about face within a: day, week and/or month (it all depends upon the individual). And please, don't forget this either (John 6:37-38) ... ‪#MustReadBibleVerses‬,

In conclusion, faith and patience are essential in order to embrace a productive and break whatever chains that don't allow you to move forward, in Jesus name ... ‪#Amen‬,

Blessings from Breakfast from Jesus,