Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bareskinned Truth

So many people are fascinated with the ridiculous theory called Evolution. Now, that's the misguided assumption that mankind was formed from an ape. However we're here to share with all of you the actual truth about how God the formed man in His(the Lord's) own likeness(Genesis 1:26). You see, our Heavenly Father breathed dust from the ground into Adam(the 1st. man's) nostril and so a living soul was formed(Genesis 1:7) ...

The Almighty God has billions of unmistakable aspects. For example, the Lord saw that it wasn't in Adam's favor to remain alone, so He(God) created out of Adam's rib, a woman(Genesis 2:22) and also a help mate for Adam(Genesis 2:18). In conjunction with, don't allow time to deceive you because just like God created the 1st. woman Eve for Adam to love and marriage, the Lord also has someone awaiting for all those men and women to: love, date, get engaged to, marry and eventually have babies with(Genesis 1:28). Thus, when the devil dares to send someone of the negative message that your going to dies alone, rebuke him or her and then remind them of this ...

John 10:10 (NLV) The robber comes only to steal and to kill and to destroy. I came so they might have life, a great full life.

When the Lord puts someone in your path, even in the rain both of you laugh ...  #Hallelujah

Blessings from Breakfast with Jesus.