Friday, December 13, 2013

Guesstimate First

Just as a person is on the verge of entering into a dimension beyond their own understanding(we say this in a positive way) that's when the devil(we rebuke him in the name of Jesus Christ) sends someone(who doesn't serve or care about seeking spiritual growth) into their life's in order to obstruct their path and peace of mind too ...

You see, the Lord had an awesome plan for the 1st. man(Adam) and his wife, the 1st. woman(Eve)(Genesis 3:20); however the serpent fooled Eve into believing that she wouldn't die if she ate of the forbidden tree in the middle of the garden of Eden(Genesis 3:3). Nonetheless, the enemy told Eve that she wouldn't die, on the contrary she(Eve) would obtain more wisdom and be just like God(Genesis 3:4-5). That was the genesis of Adam and Eve's being removed from the garden of Eden(Genesis 3:23).


Not everything that shines is really gold, followed by, you should carefully evaluate the pro's and con's of any decision you make; because the aftermath will affect you and those who depend and believe in you too ...

Blessings from Breakfast with Jesus,